Callback Functions in Javascript – Explained!

I’m working on a project and the topic of Javascript callback functions came up. I’m sure I’ve come upon this before in the past but never spent a lot of time on thinking deeply about it.

I’ve seen a lot of video and blogs about Javascript callback functions but most say it is hard to explain.

I’ve just spent 2 hours digging in and here is the easiest way I can explain them to anyone.

A Javascript callback function is just a placeholder that we can use when we want to be able to pass a function in to another function, then it acts as the function itself once we inject it in to the other function where we can substitute callback “in our minds” with the name of the function we passed in the code logic.

I will be back soon to elaborate and provide you with examples.

-Regards Rick

Here are some good references I’m looking at now.


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