What is the Maximum Script Timeout Setting for Classic ASP on IIS?

This is a re-post of a popular blog article from my old Blogger blog that was originally posted back in 2012.

I was scripting in old school ASP version 3.0 on IIS6 this week and had a script that needed a long time to run and kept timing out.

So I asked the question… What is the maximum script timeout setting for ASP on IIS?

After a lot of digging, I found out the answer.

The maximum value for ScriptTimeout is 2^32-1, or 2147483647.

If you try to set it to 2147483648 or higher, you will get the following error:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0006)
Overflow: ‘server.scripttimeout’

Normally you would script it out like this.

    Server.ScriptTimeout = 180

Now with the maximum value, it looks like this.
    Server.ScriptTimeout = 2147483647

The real solution was that my database was not performing at its best.  So needed to create additional indexes on more fields which increased the speed of the script.

 Hope this helps somebody out.

Happy coding!

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